About us

Who We Are

Pharmacare Co.,Ltd. found in January 2008 is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on our mission: Managing Complexity, Improving Lives. We provide medicines to address unmet patient needs, stemming from more than 40 years of experiences, and expertise to help improve people’s lives. Discover how our rich history of innovation and patient-centered solutions has helped influence our vision for the future.

What We Do

Our strong ability to master and manage complexity is the key component in making high-quality products that provide value for patients. Pharmacare Co., Ltd.’s growing portfolio of specialty pharmaceuticals help treat a wide variety of health conditions. We invest in areas such as serum injections, tablet capsule sachet ointment balm and cosmetic products. To see what sets Pharmacare Co., Ltd. apart, take a look at our distinctive approach to solving complex challenges with unique solutions.

What We Believe In

People throughout the world count on Pharmacare products every day to help them lead healthier lives. That’s why we proudly stand by the three values we have held for more than 40 years experience: to produce quality products with the utmost integrity and unparalleled service in order to better serve the patients, customers and communities in which we live and work. Explore the roles of our dedicated employees and our commitment to responsibility.

Our Culture

At Pharmacare Co., Ltd., our five Cultural Hallmarks guide our work and serve as a foundation for our success. Employees are Accountable, Competitive, Collaborative, High Performing and Trustworthy.

  • ACCOUNTABLE - We are each personally responsibility for ensuring Pharmacare's success
  • COMPETITIVE - We value breakthrough thinking that leads to industry leadership
  • COLLABORATIVE - We work together to create solutions
  • HIGH PERFORMING - We deliver on our commitments
  • TRUSTWORTHY - We consistently model our values

"Your health is our concern"